With our ongoing safety and industry specific training, our experienced millwright teams are qualified to handle most any industrial material handling project in a professional, safe, and timely manner.  Through our memberships in various industry related organizations, our millwrights are always prepared to respond with the most up-to-date applications of their trade.  Some examples of the many millwright services B&E can provide include:


  • New design and construction of feed mills
  • Design and installations of material handling systems
  • Upgrading existing material handling equipment for increased capacities
  • Grain storage construction-bins and outside pile systems
  • Construction of load-out and bulk weighing systems
  • Installation of air pollution systems
  • Grain dryer construction
  • Emergency repairs and general maintenance



Crane Service

When our cranes are not being used in support of our millwright projects, they are available for hire with an experienced, professional crane operator.  B&E Construction employs professionally certified crane operators.  The crane operators receive their certification through the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), a nationally recognized crane certification program.

Presently, B&E has four cranes in operation:

  • Terex 40 Ton, with a working boom height of 160’
  • Grove 60 Ton, with a working boom height of 210’
  • Linkbelt 100 Ton, with a working boom height of 230’
  • Krupp 120 Ton, with a working boom height of 220’




Vertical Personnel Manlifts

B&E installs, maintains, repairs, and inspects vertical personnel manlifts for use in the agri-business industry.  Our manlift safety inspectors are qualified per the guidelines set forth by the State of Iowa Labor Services Division’s Elevators and Escalators Department.  They are also trained and knowledgeable in the regulatory codes and requirements of Nebraska and Minnesota.